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Favourite blogs of 2019

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look at some of the blog topics over the past 12 months that have resonated with our readers and community.


What is free phone counselling (and how can it help me)?

There may be a time in your life when you just need someone to talk to. You may have some issues with depression, grief, stress or any other number of things and you may not have the time or the means to go and see a counsellor. Phone counselling may be more suited to your needs. But what exactly is phone counselling?


Why is chroming harmful?

Chroming, like many other substances of abuse, can be addictive and harmful. Here we explore the consequences of chroming and the health effects it can produce.


Is same sex attraction normal?

There are many reasons why LGBTQ+ people feel as if they can’t be true to themselves. These range from family expectations, religious or cultural beliefs or just being fearful of what people may think.

If you’re concerned or confused about your feelings, this piece just might help.


Helping someone who is experiencing culture shock

Most adults know just how stressful changing jobs or moving to a new suburb can be. Now, imagine moving from one country to another where everything from the language to the food, culture, currency and climate is all completely new and foreign. That’s what it can be like for somebody who’s just arrived in the country. Some people transition seamlessly while others can experience culture shock.

In this article we’ve complied a few tips on how you can help someone who may be experiencing culture shock.


How can storytelling help your mental health?

Stories make us laugh and make us cry, but most of all they teach us about our world and ourselves. They’re how we convey our history, how we express our values and affirm our place in the world.

Stories and storytelling can also have a positive effect on our mental health. Follow the link below to find out how.


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