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Do you need more support?

If you need more intensive support and assistance your GP can put you in touch with mental health professionals in your area.

You can access online services to find a GP or other health professional near you. Visit healthdirect service finder or find a psychiatrist.

To learn more about mental health visit

If you are experiencing an emergency call 000.

  • Are you a health professional?

    Are you a health professional looking for referral information? Visit our health professionals page.

    North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network has developed a system of care aimed at ensuring access to quality services and supports across mental health, suicide prevention, and alcohol and other drug treatment services.

    Everyone can search the system of care to find appropriate services and referral information. Where a referral is needed, you should make an appointment with your GP to discuss a referral.

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  • Other CAREinMIND™ Services

    CAREinMIND™ provides a suite of mental health services for people in northern, central and western Melbourne. These services can be accessed through a referral from your GP or psychiatrist.

    Targeted Psychological Services: For people with a diagnosed mental illness with access to up to 12 sessions of face-to-face counselling. Access this service by contacting your GP about a referral.

    Suicide Prevention Service: Face-to-face support for people experiencing thoughts of suicide is available within 72 hours of referral. Access this service by contacting your GP about a referral.

    Intensive Support Service: Comprehensive support can be provided for people over 16 with significant and complex mental health needs. Access this service by contacting your GP or psychiatrist about a referral.

  • CAREinMIND™ Youth Intensive Support

    Young people aged 12-25 years with or at risk of severe mental illness can access services and support through CAREinMIND™. These services do not require a referral from a GP.

    Access this service by contacting:

    CHECK IN supports young people who are experiencing or at risk of severe mental illness and homelessness. Contact Melbourne City Mission, Front Yard on 03 8625 4444.

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    KOORI KIDS supports Aboriginal kids at risk of early psychosis. Contact the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service on 03 9419 3000.

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  • CAREinMIND™ Aboriginal Wellbeing Support Service

    Mental health support is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages.

    Access this service by contacting the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service on 03 9419 3000.


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