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Most popular blogs of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, let’s look at the most popular blog topics that have resonated with our community over the last 12 months. If you’re concerned about your mental health or worried about someone, CAREinMIND professional counsellors are here to help 24/7.


Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering can provide a variety of mental, physical and social health benefits. Here we look at just some of the positive benefits that volunteering can have on our own wellbeing.


Fake it till you make it. 8 tricks to feel confident even when you’re not

If you’re starting a new job or it’s your first day of school, it’s completely normal to feel anxious. Here are a few practical tips that can help you look (and feel) more confident, even when you’re not.


Why is chroming harmful?

Chroming involves breathing in or inhaling a chemical like petrol, glue, paint or solvent. Here, we discuss what happens to your body when you chrome, including the long-term negative health effects.


How do I know if I am gay?

For many people, the journey of self-discovery begins in their early teens. For others, it can take much longer. It’s a deeply personal process and no two people will have exactly the same experience. Here are some common questions that may arise.


Unhealthy coping mechanisms

Many people know that illicit drug use, smoking, alcohol abuse and gambling can have detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing. Here we explore these behaviours and identify some alternative healthy coping mechanisms.


How talking to a counsellor can help with your anger

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences. However, anger can be a problem if it starts to interfere with your daily life. Here are some scenarios worth considering if anger is becoming a regular feature in your life.


Is being gay considered normal?

Many people who identify as LGBTQI+ can feel as though they cannot be their true selves due to fear that they will be unfairly judged by family, friends and peers. Here, we explore some of these common concerns, including where to get support.


What is phone counselling?

How exactly does phone counselling work? And how can it help? Here are just some of the benefits of phone counselling and an extensive list of topics you can discuss with our counsellors.


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