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Woman looking stressed at work

How can I manage work stress?

When it comes to our mental health, an area that many of us might not pay enough attention to is, ironically, the one place where we tend to spend most of our time.

Young man drinking beer

The effects of alcohol

Most people like a social drink, be it while hanging out with mates at the pub, attending a barbeque, watching the footy, attending a celebration, or just about any other imaginable occasion. While a drink or two can help you unwind, too much can harm your health and hurt your relationships.

Woman reaching out to partner

What is depression?

Depression: we’ve all heard of it, most of us know someone experiencing it, and many of us are going through it. But do you know if you’re living with depression?

Woman seeking free phone counselling

How does phone counselling work?

You’ve probably heard of phone counselling. But do you know how it works? We answer your questions and explain why it’s such a popular and effective form of help.

Man asking older gentleman if he is ok on R U OK day.

How to get the conversation started on R U OK day 2018

R U OK day is on Thursday, September 13. See what you can do to get the conversation started and help reduce the suicide rate.

Lesbian couple holding hands in cafe

Is same-sex attraction normal?

Not sure about your sexual orientation? Feel like you can’t reveal your sexual identity? While many people in this situation at first fear rejection or discrimination, most find their sexual place in the world, along with people who support and accept them.

Grieving woman looking sad slide

Missing a parent on Fathers Day or Mothers Day

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are meant to be days where we celebrate family and parenthood. For those who have lost one or both parents, though, it can be a difficult time.

Close up of person staring at pokies machine

Do I have a gambling problem

Why won’t so many problem gamblers get help? There are many reasons, whether it’s embarrassment, denial or the fact that problem gambling for many people is an addiction.

Young woman looking worried

How to talk about suicide and suicidal ideation

Starting a discussion about your suicidal thoughts is never an easy. However, you might be surprised to find out how helpful talking about it can be.