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20 Fun new year’s resolutions and how to stick to them

Every year millions of people vow to change their lives with New Year’s resolutions. Months later many of those resolutions have been forgotten about! Here’s a list of resolutions guaranteed to be fun and change your life.

Calendar 2019
Favourite blogs of 2019

As the year draws to a close it’s time to look back at some of the most engaging topics and information that have resonated within our community.

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Separation and divorce as loss

The end of a relationship can be one of the toughest life experiences that people face. Divorce or separation not only means the loss of the relationship in its current form, but also a range of things that came with the relationship, such as shared social networks, financial assets, or the loss of the future you envisaged. View our nine tips on ways to manage loss.

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Benefits of volunteering

Did you know volunteering offers a wide range of mental, physical and social health benefits?

Man sitting against a tree practicing mindfulness
What is mindfulness meditation?

Never tried mindfulness? It’s probably nothing like you think it is.

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The mental and emotional challenges of quitting smoking

Trying to quit smoking? You probably know about the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. But have you considered the emotional and psychological reasons that make smoking such a hard habit to beat?

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What is stress? Identifying stress symptoms

Just about everybody knows what it means to be stressed out. But what exactly is it about stress that changes how you behave?

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What are unhealthy coping mechanisms?

Gambling, alcohol and substance abuse are major issues across areas of northern, western and central Melbourne. So why do so many people keep engaging in this behaviour if they know it’s harmful?

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8 reasons why there could be a lack of intimacy in your relationship

A lack of intimacy in a relationship can often be a symptom of something else not being right.

Senior couple talking about divorce or separation
Coping with separation later in life

The end of a relationship is almost always a difficult and painful period. Underlying the negative feelings of relationship coming to an end is the fact that a divorce or separation is at its heart a loss.