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Woman pouring a smoothie into a cup | Disordered eating support

Disordered Eating Support: Signs, Causes and Getting Help

Disordered eating behaviours can be dangerous and if not addressed can lead to a more serious diagnosis. In this article we explore the signs, causes, coping strategies and disordered eating support that is available.

smiling older woman in an outdoor public pool

Simple self-care: prioritising your emotional wellbeing

Learn how to prioritise your emotional wellbeing with these simple self-care strategies. Discover the benefits of emotional self-care on mental health, including reducing stress, improving mood, and strengthening relationships. Incorporate these strategies into your daily routine to promote overall health and happiness.

Man outside leaning against a fence deep in thought

Why intrusive thoughts happen and how to manage them

Explore why intrusive thoughts occur and effective ways to manage them. Learn about common examples and their potential link to OCD in this insightful guide.

What I am grateful for

What I am grateful for: Reminders for when you feel sad

Make a habit of identifying what you are grateful for each day. This is a proven technique to relieve feelings of sadness and improve wellbeing. Read here to learn how to get started.

expressive art

Using expressive art for better mental health

Expressive art is a powerful tool for promoting mental health. Learn more about the benefits and how to get started here.

personal boundaries

Setting personal boundaries for your wellbeing

Personal boundaries are essential for maintaining good mental health. By setting and enforcing boundaries, we can protect ourselves and establish healthy relationships. Learn how here.

Self-care day

What is a self-care day and why are they important?

A self-care day can help you to reduce stress and cope with the pressures of everyday life. Learn how to plan one into your routine.

2022 written in the sand on beach with ocean wave

Most popular blogs of 2022

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on some of the blog topics that have resonated most with our readers and community. If you’re concerned about your mental health or worried about someone, CAREinMIND professional counsellors are here to help 24/7.

New mother holding her baby

What are common postnatal depression symptoms?

Understand the most common postnatal depression symptoms and how to get help.

Young woman sleeping on the couch during the day under a blanket

Understanding insomnia

There are many common causes of insomnia. Here are some coping strategies and treatment options to explore if you’re struggling with insomnia.