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Young woman looking stressed during-Christmas
Managing work stress before the holidays

Work can get stressful in the period before the holiday season. Here are some handy tips for managing work stress during this hectic time.

Two young friends talking about mental health in a park
Here are 6 ways that reaching out can bring people together

Struggling with depression or anxiety? Opening up about it could actually help you feel better.

Young woman with anxiety
What is anxiety and what are some common signs?

Everyone gets nervous once in a while. Anxiety is when those negative feelings are more than just short-term. Instead, they just don’t seem to go away.

Upset woman worrying constantly
How to break the negative thinking loop

Although worry is a normal human emotion, many people get stuck in a constant cycle. Here are some ways you can break the “negative thinking loop”.

Woman looking sad
Why is self-harm so difficult to talk about?

Self-harm is when you deliberately cause pain, injury or damage to yourself. It is often seen as a way to deal with strong emotional distress. So why do so many people find it difficult to talk about?

Woman consoling parent following a suicide tile
6 common things people affected by suicide go through

Have you been affected by suicide? How long those strong feelings last is not a reflection of how much you loved the person who died. You will never forget them — but you are allowed to move on.

Group of young women telling stories
How can story telling help your mental health?

People have been telling stories for thousands of years. But why do we love stories? What is it about them that makes them so popular?

Young man looking anxiously out of window
What is schizophrenia?

How much of what you know about schizophrenia is really true?

Couple riding bikes on trail
The mental health benefits of exercise

People who exercise regularly know that it does a lot more than just help you lose weight.

Woman looking stressed at work
How can I manage work stress?

When it comes to our mental health, an area that many of us might not pay enough attention to is, ironically, the one place where we tend to spend most of our time.